Ways to be an Influencing Manager

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04 Ways to be an Influencing Manager!




Four Ways to Increase Your Influence

I find it ironic that when I ask managers, even to successful ones, what constitutes Managership, I often get vague, disparate, and vapid responses. It is difficult to think about educated and successful population could offer crisp and concrete definitions of their own crucial work, Influencing manager.

From many years I am working, how can help to managers to increase their capacity for influencing change. But it is very IMPORTANT that prior to helping they educate how to become influencer, they need more attention on their core work expertise. Core Expertise is corner stone for success in increasing influence.

Here are some key points to increase your influence.

  1. Managers act as Part of Team.

Most Managers put a great deal of time into designing strategy, selection of right and winning products, proper engagement with team of analysts, shareholders and customers. Instead of all this, only very few managers realize the success or failure of their major projects lies in influencing the behavior of the people who will have to execute on the big ideas.

The most influential Managers, are only around 5% who succeed at changing behavior of people. By spending as much as half of their time thinking about it, and actively, influencing the behaviors they know will lead to top performance. The remaining 95% who fail tend to delegate what they wanted as “change management” to others.

Personal involvement and brain storming is key part of success of any project. So become an influencing manager, one should be take part with team in major activities.

  1. Managers Knowledge about theory of influence

Managers should be very much clear about the theory of  change management and methods to become influencer. A very few managers can answer the questions, “How do you change the behavior of a large group of people?” what they’re ultimately paid to do is align people to execute on decisions. Imagine the process, How anesthesia is taking effect? During, your bypass operation, when your heart surgeon is hovering over your chest with a scalpel, and it stop working a “gut hunch” about how to conduct a bypass. Managers should adopt expressive about a repeatable and effective way to influence behavior. Otherwise, they’ll continue to add up predictably high failure rates at leading change. Influencing manager  should be well aware the knowledge and theory of change management.

  1. Managers Strong talking with influencing

Many managers think influence consists of little more than talking people into doing things. There is no doubt most influence efforts start with slide presentations, lectures and group discussion. But profound, persistent, and overwhelming problems demand more than verbal communications. If managers are not so strong in practical, then their verbal communications will be confused and will make shaken their influence on people.

  1. Managers believe in Gound reality.

Sometimes managers actually attempt to influence new behavior, they commonly fall into the trap of thinking that deep rooted bad habits can be changed with a single method or technique.

They hand out inspiring posters and believe that people will line up and ready for change. But  there is another believe, it’s all about incentives and benefits, so they can play with the performance management system or start new behaviors to executive bonuses. Different research shows that when managers depend on just single method or source of influence including training or incentives or verbal persuasion to drive change, they almost always fail. To get fruitful and positive results, managers should adopt combination of different methods and techniques to get maximum results.

Over the past 15+ years, I have sought out and studied a different kind of managers and researches. I have found these remarkable abilities to influence change, fast and rapidly, profoundly and sustainable. By adopting these methods, managers can be good influences and will be able to build a good team.

What we’ve learned is that when you know what you’re doing, change can happen relatively quickly. And it all starts with gaining greater clarity about what leadership really means, then finding a way of thinking about the fundamental principles of influence.


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